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Dorint Hotel & Sportresort Winterberg/Sauerland
Dorint Hotel & Sportresort Winterberg/Sauerland
Dorfstr. 1 / Postwiese
59955 Winterberg
Ms Maria Frese


Steam bath

Even the ancient Greeks knew of the wondrous benefits of not so hot, but very moist steam. It beautifies the skin, soothes irritated respiratory passages, and alleviates arthritic pain.

Finnish sauna

If you have never tried a Finnish sauna, you will quickly become a fan of its pleasurable and relaxing effects. It is an ideal preparation for any type of massage or cosmetic treatment, a perfect single application to follow sporting activity or a round of golf, or simply a means to detoxify and relax. In contrast to the steam bath, the air in a sauna is much hotter and dryer.

Quiet zone

After a sauna or steam bath experience, it is important that you rest your body for a while – we provide relaxation areas with loungers for this purpose.